Christmas is the observance of Jesus’ humble birth to a virgin in a stable in Bethlehem. Christmas is celebrated on 25th of December and it also celebrates the events surrounding Jesus' birth, such as an angel’s appearance to shepherds, telling them to visit the newborn king.

Just like number of organisations and churches in Australia celebrates Christmas,  BAI celebrates this event by organising Carol visits to the member families and holds a stage event in December involving different cultural activities.

Event History

Berwick Ayalkoottam Inc (BAI) has been conducting Christmas carol visits to the member families for raising fund towards charity. With all its members support and hard work Carol 2016 has raised fund equivalent to Rupees 1 Lakh towards "Abhayabala" ( A charity run by renowned poet / activist Sugathakumari teacher to support deprived children), The fund was used to purchase new dresses for all the children as new year gift and remaining amount was deposited towards the educational fund for the children. BAI would like to thank  the officials of "Abhaya" for organising a day for the delegate of our committee to spend the time with the children and present the gifts. BAI also would like to thank all the people who contributed and helped to run the carol successfully. On the last day of Carol a Christmas and New year celebration was held on 17/12/16 from 8:00 pm at Brentwood Park Neigbourhood hall, Berwick.

There were carol conducted by the members in an excellent manner and the contribution collected was used for charity purpose